Your Emotional Belly Cure - Daria Sanetra (Delivery to EU only)


Your Emotional Belly Cure - Daria Sanetra (Delivery to EU only)

Your Emotional Belly Cure - Daria Sanetra (Delivery to EU only)


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Ever Wished You Could Just Buy A New Body? Lighten Your Weight, and Your Life for Good. "The Raw Way" -- Includes 100+ Healthy Raw Recipes For Good Health.

Your Emotional Belly Cure - Break free from the lifestyle habits that are holding you back from true health and happiness.

With an open heart, full of love, Daria Sanetra is ready to change your life with the Your Emotional Belly Cure. An in-depth guide designed for the countless women worldwide who struggle with weight and/or self-love. Within these pages, you will learn about an extraordinary lifestyle proven to boost overall wellness, energy, and joy.

This is the fully personalised weight loss program you have spent a lifetime looking for. And it’s just made its way to you.

Get this life-changing book now

Love more than your body. Love your whole, raw self!

Written from personal experience, Daria Sanetra is a weight loss & health coach who knows exactly where you are coming from. You see, Daria herself used to struggle with weight, eating disorders, and health issues at a young age. After countless professionals let her down, she embarked on a life-long journey investigating the link between eating, health, and happiness.

What she found would soon change everything she thought she knew. She discovered the raw truth.

Know that you are not alone in this journey.

One of the biggest things Daria found in her research is that there are thousands and thousands of women all over the globe who are feeling emotionally stuck, depressed, dissatisfied, angry, and ill. You know better than anyone else how crippling this feels.

Looking at their stomachs, a daily reminder of deep dissatisfaction, afraid to look in the mirror, they see a body that has gained pounds after childbirth and a teetering relationship with food. Even being intimately romantic feels like something they do not deserve.

Having tried various fads or quick weight loss programs in the past, so many women find themselves even more upset, unhealthy, and frustrated. These women lose their former identity and become fixated on something seemingly impossible to eradicate.

That all stops right here.

Today, with a healthy mind and body, Daria is set out to share with EVERY woman the methods that helped her as well as hundreds of her clients finally let go of the discomfort, stress, or pain caused by body issues while shedding those extra, stubborn pounds - adopting a new empowered identity, and stunning beauty.Join today, order now.

'Lighten Your Weight, and Your Life for Good. THE RAW WAY!'

This isn’t just an online weight loss program. It’s a healthy lifestyle designed for teens, moms, families, or anyone who needs something easy to follow.

Your Emotional Belly Cure combines Daria’s expertise as a plant-based nutritionist, detox, and cellular regeneration specialist, as well as knowledge in weight loss and emotional eating. Far from your average guide, in this book, together, the reader and author dive deep into uncovering unique, individualised reasons for holding onto weight.

From how emotions contributed to storing fat and toxins to becoming your own best friend, within these pages, you will be introduced and guided in a variety of topics.If you want to lose weight, detox the body and the mind all while getting healthy, and finally feeling awesome inside and out, then this book is for you!

Start your journey now.

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