501 Spanish Verbs


501 Spanish Verbs

501 Spanish Verbs


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Choose Barron's for language learning--a trusted resource for over 50 years!

This brand-new edition of 501 Spanish Verbs provides language learners with fingertip access to a carefully curated selection of the 501 most common Spanish verbs--in all tenses and moods! Each verb is listed alphabetically in chart form-one verb per page along with its English translation. Follow the clear, concise instruction, then take your language fluency to the next level with an all-new online activity center.

This comprehensive guide also includes:

Lists of synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and usage examples for every verb

A concise grammar review for easy reference

The popular 55 Essential Verbs feature, with an in-depth look at usage and formation for the trickiest Spanish verbs

Over 2,300 additional verbs conjugated like the 501 models

Online content includes:

Audio program modeling native speaker rhythms and pronunciation

Listening comprehension

Four practice quizzes with automated scoring and answers



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